AGILEA, agility at the service of industrial performance

AGILEA, agility at the service of industrial performance

AGILEA, agility at the service of industrial performance.

The AGILEA Group was created in 2009 with the desire to bring a new approach to consulting and training in Supply Chain Management, Industrial Excellence, Change Management and Project Management by FLUX.

Over the years, our team has been built around strong skills recognized in their profession and in different business sectors.

Beyond their knowledge of Supply Chain Management standards (Planning, Purchasing, Distribution, Customer Logistics, Supplier Performance, etc.), Industrial Excellence (Lean Management, Continuous Improvement, Process Control – 6 Sigma, Implementation. ..), Change Management (Change Control, Process Communication, Project Management …) or FLOW Project Management,

AGILEA teams have unique added value based on:

  • Long operational experience in logistics professions in sectors as varied as aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, services…
  • Very high level of technical expertise certified by the highest authorities in Supply Chain Management: CFPIM, CPIM, PhD, ASLOG Auditor …
  • A qualitative AND quantitative approach to the problems posed for a more factual diagnosis of the situation…
  • A technical AND human approach for a better acceptability of the projects implemented.
  • The use of computer tools for flow simulation and operational research to effectively support decision-making.
  • A very substantial activity in Research & Development on organizations and processes of Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Industrial Excellence.

Regardless of their pure skills, all our consultants agree on the values ​​of integrity, reliability, commitment and dynamism.

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